Block Plans and Subscriptions

Meal Plans

Block and Subscription

All-Access, All-Access Platinum, Block and Subscription meal plans are available to all upper-class, apartment dwellers, all students living off campus, faculty, and staff.

If you are living in UCCS housing, meal plans are combined with the residence hall cost of living. Students will choose their meal plan in the housing application.

Meals are served during fall and spring semesters but are not served winter break and limited hours during fall and spring breaks. 


The 14er


  • 14 Meals a Week ($7.50/meal)
  • All You Care to Eat
  • 5 Guest Meals
  • $125 Flex Dollars
  • 1 Meal Equivalency 
  • 10% Discount
  • Flex Rollover
  • Mobile Ordering
The 14er Platinum


  • 14 Meals a Week ($7.65/meal)
  • All You Care to Eat
  • 10 Guest Meals
  • $350 Flex Dollars
  • 2 Meal Equivalency 
  • 15% Discount
  • Flex Rollover
  • Mobile Ordering
  • Big Cat Cup and Cookie

Request a Meal Plan for Campus Residents

Purchase a Meal Plan - Available July 1


5 Weekly Subscription

$200/ Month

  • 5 Meals a Week ($8.29/meal)
  • All You Care to Eat 
  • $20 Flex Dollars a Month
  • 1 Meal Equivalency 
  • 10% Discount
  • Flex Rollover
  • Payroll Deduct available for faculty and staff.
25 Block


  • 25 Meals a Semester ($9.00/meal)
  • All You Care to Eat
  • 1 Meal Equivalency
  • 10% Discount 
  • Mobile Ordering
Clyde's Club


  • Exclusive happy hour 
  • 15% off at Clyde's

Dining Glossary

Learn more about your meal plans with a quick peak at our glossary. 

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Clyde’s Cash is a convenient way to pay for food on campus via your UCCS Lion One Card. Any person with a UCCS ID can simply add Clyde’s Cash to their card and use at any of the food venues on campus.

Resident Meal Plans

All first-year students in the residence halls are required to hold a meal plan. These plans include a unlimited meal swipes plus a balance of Flex Dollars. Learn more on our Resident Meal Plan page.