Student Employment Services

Employment Services

Student Employment Services


Calling Into Work

The Lodge:

Kitchen Phone: 719-255-4303


Roaring Fork:

Kitchen Phone: 719-255-6344


Catering Front of the House:

Samran Maier 719-351-2647


Catering Back of the House:

Call AND email Russ Allen

719-255-3998 -


Café 65:

Kitchen Phone 719-255-3652



Kitchen Phone 719-255-3053


Coffee, and Alpine Express:

Jonathon Graves 719-331-4847

Jeremy Tole 719-255-8111


Student Directors of Retail Dining:

Dylan West

Jacob Godino


Student Director of Residential Dining:

Will Riden

Student Directors can also be contacted through 719-255-4178