Extended Catering/Exemption Form

Extended Catering/Exemption Form

Clubs and departments may request to use an approved caterer that is part of the Extended Catering Program if (1) Catering is not able to accommodate your request, OR (2) Catering has approved the use of the catering partner.

Clubs and departments may request a catering exemption from Dining and Hospitality Services if food is being 100% donated by an off-campus vendor OR the club/ department wishes to purchase food from an off-campus vendor, and it meets the following criteria:

The Order Is:
An exemption will only be granted if DHS cannot accommodate the order.

Locations exemptions that will not be granted include: The lodge dining hall, Roaring Fork Dining Hall, Cafe 65, Clyde's Pub

Extended Catering Program: How it works.

  • Select a caterer and menu from the Extended Catering Website (address)
  • Fill out the form below and submit to your event coordinator in Event Services Office least 14 business days prior to the event.
  • Catering will arrange the delivery of your food with the supplier.
  • You will receive a copy of your catering and event order for approval.
  • Your Speedtype will be charged the approved amount after the event is completed.
  • A 5% administration and safety fee is added to all orders using the Extended Catering Program.

If the use of an outside caterer is granted, the sponsoring University department or club must agree to the following terms:

  1. Menu items are selected from the campus approved menus via the Extended Catering Website.
  2. All food remains at the appropriate hot or cold temperature throughout the event.
  3. All waste must be cleaned up and disposed of after the event (including removing all waste to external trash dispensers).
  4. All disposable serving items will be of a compostable nature. Styrofoam and plastic cups/utensils are prohibited.
  5. Parking for outside vendors is not provided and guest parking procedures will need to be followed.
  6. All vendors providing food have submitted liability insurance per University policy, business license, current SERV Safe certification, and signed food service agreement.

Catering has first rights to all campus catering for the safety of students and the campus community.

Please remember that if you're using the extended catering program, UCCS Catering will order the food.