Committee for Healthy Eating and Wellness (C.H.E.W.)


Committee for Healthy Eating and Wellness (C.H.E.W.)


The Committee for Healthy Eating and Wellness is constituted to provide student, faculty, and staff perspectives, feedback, and advice to Dining and Hospitality Services (DHS). DHS units on campus include Café 65, four Sanatorium Grounds coffee shops, Clyde’s Gastropub, Catering, The Lodge, and Roaring Fork. CHEW collaborates with DHS to help deliver the best food service to campus with an emphasis on student employment, nutrition, educational events, global menus, and sustainability.


The following are examples of topics considered by CHEW:

Hours of operation; menu variety and structure (vegan, vegetarian, international); hours of operation; meal plans; Clyde's Cash; food quality; nutrition; customer satisfaction; social media use; campus donations; catering program; new initiatives, national competitions (NACUFS); and local food procurement.


The Director of DHS will serve as chair of CHEW. RHA and SGA will appoint 2-3 students each for the academic year. Other members include: a faculty representative appointed by the Faculty Assembly President, a university staff representative appointed by Staff Council, Director of the University Center, Director of Residence Life, a member of the Sustainability Department, one Residential Dining Manager, and the Retail Dining Manager. The members list can be changed based upon recommendations of the committee.

Frequency of Meetings

CHEW will meet monthly based on a committee consensus of day and time. This will typically be a Friday from 11-100pm at a rotating location (The Lodge, Café 65, and Roaring Fork). The Chair will send out invites with a minimum two weeks’ notice.

Agenda Topics

All members are encouraged to submit agenda items to the Chair two weeks prior to a scheduled meeting. CHEW is driven by member input so participation is vital.


The Chair will be responsible for keeping general notes from each meeting or will assign a meeting secretary. Meetings may be recorded at a future time and archived. A CHEW webpage will host meeting topics and discussions.